Adam The Woo Rt.66 Road Trip – A day by day view of Rt. 66

Adam the Woo Rt 66 Road Trip – The Daily Woo
Adam provides a bit corny but comprehensive view of what to expect on a Rt 66 tour. From barely visible or ramshackle remains to completely restored and functioning Rt 66 sites, mundane or trivial to incredible, vintage to contemporary, Adam doesn’t skip a thing. For 12 days Adam travels Rt 66 from the Santa Monica Pier to Chicago IL. You can find his travel log on Youtube. Search Adam the Woo Rt 66 Tour or the Daily Woo. Each video is about 15 minutes so if you view them all at once plan on viewing for about 2- 3 hrs.
Happy Viewing, see you at the Santa Monica Pier July 4th. Rich

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