Parts Car Located – Perry Eaton

An excellent Donor Safari is located at Perry Eaton’s in Palermo California, 40 miles north of Sacramento

Rich grabbed a flight on Jet Blue out of Long Beach and visited Perry to check out his ’55 Safari parts car. The car is exactly as Perry described it. The inner tub and pan are very good out to and including the rockers and back to the rear sill and tail gate hinge mounts. There is a rust hole in the spare tire well and also the two front quarters of the floor pan need a little help so Rich also purchased an excellent front half pan from a 4dr HT. This pan has the advantage of two additional floor braces under the firewall area that were used on that model. Rich will not use the ’55 frame for 1296. Instead he will take the frame from his sidelined ‘57 Ute project and then replace it later with the frame from the donor ’55 Safari.

Rich estimates that approximately 400-500 spot welds will need to be removed from the two cars in order to mate the inner tub and pan from the donor Safari to 1296. Anyone who wants to join the fun please stand up.

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